Do You Know the Rules for Being Human?

Dear Friend, The rules for being human are really quite simple when you break it down. Cherie Carter-Scott has compiled the ‘Ten Rules for Being Human’ and within these rules are lessons for us all. Ten Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott You will receive a body. You may like it or hat it, […]

Are You Disconnected from Connecting?

Dear Friend, In today’s ever ‘on’ world, it seems that we are all connected 24/7 – mobile/cell phones, wi-fi, the Internet, email, apps, social media – but it can actually leave some of us feeling more disconnected than ever before. Is this you friend? Because of the anonymous nature of many of today’s interactions it […]

Are Your Truly in Love or Lust?

Dear Friend, There are distinct differences between love and lust but often it’s hard to see. Do you know that falling in love happens over time and that journey from attraction to deep, trusting, romantic love is a predictable course? Love is an intense feeling of affection that is profound and caring, leading to an […]

Are You Alone or Lonely?

Dear Friend, Many people can be alone and completely happy, fulfilled and content. Conversely, people can be in a room full of people, even family and friends, and yet feel terribly lonely. Loneliness is a feeling of profound sadness and distress about being by yourself or a feeling of disconnection from the people and the […]