Psychic Healing Testimonials

“I first received a healing from Niki over a year ago. Her healing’s have helped me stay positive and have also helped me attract a more abundant lifestyle. I always feel alive and renewed after receiving a healing from Niki. This allows me to operate at my optimum. Niki’s healing have helped me emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.”

Penny P

“Dear Niki, I can not believe that my back feels better. I can bend forwards and no longer feel in agony. This has been the case since Tuesday. Thank you +++. Each day is better and better. Yoga on Tuesday was bearable too. Bless you and Namaste”

Madeleine O

“After two operations for a very large fibroid and hideous drugs that sent my body into shock I felt compelled to try another form of help apart from Western medicine. I was scheduled for a third operation when I received two energy healing’s from Niki. On my next visit to the hospital for the third procedure everyone including me were shocked to see that my fibroid was completely gone. The doctor said he had never seen a fibroid of this size just disappear as if it was never there. I was sent home without needing the third operation. I have Niki to thank for healing me. It was simply a Miracle well beyond what I expected”

Alison E