Mediumship Testimonials

my Husband was a Holocaust survivor, he spent many years of his youth in various concentration camps. He’s survived the war and wrote books about his experiences, best known of them: “The Survivor”, a Broadway play and a movie were made based on this very book. There is no doubt in my mind that you had managed to connect to whatever is out there. Everything you said in your reading made sense to me. Many kind thanks. You have a rare gift and thanks to people like you, we who are left behind can find some peace of mind.

Sara, USA

Well it is over a year since I last had a mediumship reading with you by email, and I will say that that last reading was very good. As it would be too much to comment and all you said etc, I will nevertheless comment on some of the things.

Two days before I got my reading from you that time, I had been outside hanging up my washing and thinking of the time my late husband and I went to Scotland and a time we sat on a Bench In Oban which is a Scottish town there and ate some fish and chips on our laps talking and looking out to the ocean there, with the sound of sea waves crashing to the shore. It was with sad nostalgia that I was thinking of all this. Oddly enough whilst I was thinking of all this, there came a sound of Scottish music to my ears. I know not where it came from, but it sounded as if it was a bit in the distance yet clear as well. I could not tell which direction it was coming from though. I also thought of the time we went to the Isle of Wight as well as the time we went to some seaside beach where I took a video of a white seagull flying near us, of which I still have to this day.

Anyway when I recieved your email reading a couple of days later, it mentioned the seagull, Fish and chips, and it mentioned the Isle of something, as well as a Scottish reference all of which you were not totally clear about, but that was enough for me as I knew what is was all about. Fish and Chips a sceptic may argue is a common place saying as lots of people eat fish and chips, but I felt it had something to do with that time in Oban when we sat there eating our fish and chips. However it was not for many months that I could feel totally certain the fish and chips was to do with that time in Scotland etc, as lets face it, we also eat fish and chips at home at times too.

But not so long ago, after many times sending thoughts to my late husband to show me a ADC sign if the fish and chips was to do with that time in Scotland, I went onto the Internet here in my study, and I know for a fact that I did not touch anything at all, and this page just seemed to flash up in front of my eyes, something about Scottish tunes and also a link for a page on Scottish recipes and cooking etc. I went into one of these pages and not only was there recipes for fish and chips but a write up about it being a favourite fast take away food traditionally for Scottish people. T he man who did the write up about it, also spoke of how he had once enjoyed eating some fish and chips sitting on a bench in a town in Scotland looking out at the sea. Now to me it was immediately impressed upon me that this was the sign I had asked for and this was what my husband was trying to get through to me in that reading of yours. I think it is great, when something like that which would normally just be put down to a common place thing that anyone can relate too, shows up in a way to have more profound meaning by the sign these loved ones from the other side seem to be able to send us to confirm things we ask of them.

Well that is it for now and thank you again and I look forward to another reading sometime

Arlene from the UK

First let me say that I read over the e-mail mediumship you provided many times over. I took great comfort in this and had the best sleep I have had in a while! I am not sure why the need to communicate really comes on strong around my birthday, but it weighs on me until I do something about it. Your e-mail mediumship reading REALLY hit home. I laughed and the tears came and it felt great! I learned some things about myself and about my feelings and I thank you for that. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and oddly enough a sense of calm has come over me that I have not felt in a long time.

Thank you. Kimberly

In the past few days I have managed to find more validations. There is only one or two things left now to work out. There were things there that I did not know about but was later validated by family members on his children’s side from his previous marriage and also from a friend of his who has known him for years. So no one can think that there was anyway you read my mind, as things are mentioned here that I did not even know about until I mentioned these things with family and so on. So I feel that with the things I connected with straight away plus the things I did not know about but was validated, no question about it, it is a genuine mediumship reading this and it was my late husband for sure you were in contact with. So I would like to say, God Bless you. I recommend other people to come to you, as you are genuine psychic medium. Thank you, and God Bless.

Arlene Stella Hiles

The reading I received is amazing. I recommend Niki to anyone who seeks a touch from Spirit that is different. It will cause a quickening in the awareness. The mediumship reading brought in my father and the references validating my mother were wondrous. I was amazed at all the ground she covered, like touchpoints of confirmation in so many areas. My reading from Niki brought me an added sense of reassurance, and I add my thankful words here.


These past few days have been very different and full of surprises, thanks to your readings. First of all, they have helped me to come to terms with my grandparents’ crossing over. Also, I have conveyed to my family members the messages that came through in the readings. The knowledge that their loved ones are happy and at peace and that they have made a connection, pleased them very much. There is no doubt at all in my mind that it was indeed them who had come through. All the information you gave validated it. There have been several things that were not very clear to me during the reading that are making a lot more sense now. I was very sceptical about this before. But now, I must say that I found your humor, compassion and depth very touching, and, I feel very fortunate that I happened to stumble across your information on the Internet. Thank you for doing this with your special touch of calm love and kindness. Thank you once again for making my heart a bit lighter. And may God bless you for being the special person that you are. You are the best 🙂


After experiencing a wonderful reading from Niki, I requested a Mediumship consultation. The outcome, my consultation was definitely more than expected. Niki was not only astonishingly accurate but very informative in unknown areas about my deceased loved one. I feel surronded by a peace and understanding that I haven’t felt in years. This has been a most enjoyable first time experience for me.

Dianne Norman

Thank you so much for connecting to my little girl. I knew that she is out there and I am thankful to get that confirmation and communication from her. This means more to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you!

Hema, U.S.A

I am elated to know that you were able to get confirmation on some unclosed issues. I am so happy, I can’t begin to tell you how I feel. Thank you Thank you Thank you for assisting me. One has to see / know of it to believe it. I am still in shock to know that you were able to confirm names and situations. This is incredible. I will most certainly come back and tell others about you.

Name With held

I have read your e-mail mediumship reading, and I must say that I am 100% pleased. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I will cherish this moment for a lifetime.

Warmest Regards,
Theresa Hunter,
Tiffini McElroy (sister).