Are You Disconnected from Connecting?

Dear Friend,

In today’s ever ‘on’ world, it seems that we are all connected 24/7 – mobile/cell phones, wi-fi, the Internet, email, apps, social media – but it can actually leave some of us feeling more disconnected than ever before. Is this you friend?

Because of the anonymous nature of many of today’s interactions it can make it difficult to build trust and create real, authentic, genuine connections. This situation can leave you feeling alone, despite all the noise and even reluctant to try to build new connections.

Think about the types of relationships that are important to you and where and how they can be built. Are you looking to foster new connections or to reconnect?

Are you happy to connect via text or email (the written word), by phone (to hear their voice) or do you crave the connection that only an in-person, face-to-face relationships offer.

If you are feeling completely disconnected from everyone and everything in your life then you may be suffering from depersonalisation, a symptom of anxiety. If this is you, please seek help and advice from your GP or contact

Still struggling? Often the answer to reconnecting to what you truly want and need is to disconnect, take some time out, away from all the noise and the demands for your attention. Clearing away the distractions allows you to focus, reconnect with the inner you and discover the types of connections you really desire and that will really make you happy.

Feelings of disconnection don’t need dictate your future happiness or impact on every part of your life, there are steps you can take in order to begin to reconnect and view things more clearly.

For clear and accurate guidance to help work through your feelings, contact me today.

Yours in peace and healing,