Are you Dealing with Cheating Guilt?

Dear Friend,

If you have cheated on your partner then chances are you are dealing with a substantial amount of guilt. Taking some proactive steps to deal with how you are feeling is the only possible way to move your life past it. Guilt is a nasty feeling that, left unattended, will eat away at you and affect every aspect of your life; relationships, intimacy, friendships, work, and health.

Take responsibility for what you are feeling and why; making excuses or living in denial will only serve to increase your feelings of guilt. Say the words aloud, to yourself; say what you did, that you do indeed feel guilty and how you plan to deal with those feelings.

You can evaluate and learn from this experience. By taking ownership of the situation you may be able to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Start to forgive yourself – your decisions and choices may have signified bad judgement and people may have been hurt but you must remember that all people are imperfect and make mistakes. The act of beating up on yourself on a daily basis and feeling constant guilt isn’t going to change the past and it’s not going to make your partner feel any better. You need to focus on healing and finding your way back to peace and happiness.

Talk to someone; talking about the reasons behind the cheating, the guilt you are feeling may help you to deal with the situation at hand and begin to heal and move your life forward. Regardless of whether or not your partner is aware of the cheating you can become immobilised by guilt but there is life after cheating and a second chance to make things right. If you are considering confessing your cheating to your unknowing partner it may be best to discuss the situation first and receive some guidance. I am here to help you to process your feelings and receive some direction the next phase of your life.

Yours in peace and healing,