Are Your Truly in Love or Lust?

Dear Friend, There are distinct differences between love and lust but often it’s hard to see. Do you know that falling in love happens over time and that journey from attraction to deep, trusting, romantic love is a predictable course? Love is an intense feeling of affection that is profound and caring, leading to an […]

Has Your Relationship Been Rocked by Infidelity?

Dear Friend, If your relationship has been rocked by infidelity you are probably feeling, shell-shocked, disappointed, angry, untrusting or all of these things. The first thing to understand is that it is perfectly normal to feel this way – being cheated on has the power to shake you to your very core and question everything […]

What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Dear Friend, We all need a decent amount of sleep in order to handle our days so if there’s something keeping you up at night then it’s important to find out what it is and take steps to rectify the situation. There are many common reasons for insomnia or the ability to get a good […]

Are You Alone or Lonely?

Dear Friend, Many people can be alone and completely happy, fulfilled and content. Conversely, people can be in a room full of people, even family and friends, and yet feel terribly lonely. Loneliness is a feeling of profound sadness and distress about being by yourself or a feeling of disconnection from the people and the […]