Psychic Reading Testimonials

Thank you for the phone reading. You gave me a lot of insight on my relationship. I truly feel that I can let go of the past and move on to where I need to be. You are truly gifted.

Jodie U.S.A.

I have consulted Niki regarding many aspects of my life. I always feel inner peace and at ease with her. Her Intuition and abilities to read me as a person has astouneded me. On many occasions she has even told me about events that have occured before I have had the chance to tell her. Niki told me when I would find happiness and a love interest and that has now happened for me. I trust Niki very much, she has been a great guide.

Laurie, Australia

Greetings and blessing to you Niki, thanks for your reading. You may not remember me as you would speak with so many people. I rang for a half hour over the phone reading. You advised that I would get the house loan. Well I did and I called to leave you a message, I hope you received it. Bye for now.

Julianne, Australia

Dear Madam, Your reading shall glow in darkness whenever I switch off my mental lights, and I shall actively seek its true meaning and shall let it be my precious guide and companion to cross safely to the other shore, in this samsara. Thank You, Madam and salute!

TK Tan

Thank you so much for the readings Niki! They were very true, right on target and very insightful. Being psychic myself, I appreciate a truly accurate reading from a caring psychic. Keep up the great work and to everyone else who may read this – Niki is very good – give her a try. Thanks again and Smiles to you!

Melissa, U.S.A.

thank you for my reading on Sunday. Thanks also for being honest and not telling me what you think I might want to hear! A lot of what you said really does feel right! Thanks again.

Suzy U.S.A.

The truth hurts but I know that what you told me in such a caring way is accurate. I’m trying very hard to be hopeful for the future that you said you saw for me. Thank you for telling me the truth and helping me to move on. I will be in touch with you again for another reading.

Best regards,
Patricia, U.S.A.

Hi Niki – thankyou for my reading. It looks good for me this year. My marriage partner of which you described, sounds like my current partner. We met while working on a cruise ship, & yes I’ve wished to meet my soulmate & really feel he is the one. Yes he is from over water & yes he has fair skin. We both feel as though we’ve known each other for years. Many thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.

Love Nadine,
New Zealand

Thank-you ever so much, what you told me is very accruate. I have just started a wonderful relationship (so I hope anyhow) and I am happy again. Thankyou for your response, I feel a more confident now.

Many Thanks Kate, Australia

thank you very much for my reading. There were lots of things in the reading that rang a bell with me and were accurate and the reading was enlightening in lots of ways.

All the best, Suzy U.S.A.