Psychic Reading Testimonials

Thank you for my very insightful reading – I certainly recognised myself and my life within your writing – amazing! Many thanks for your reading.

Thanks Sally, U.S.A

I have just re-read your reading and I wanted to thank you. As always, your words are very beautiful and truly inspiring. Everything that you told me is absolutely true…the changes, the period of transition in my life feel so strong right now that sometimes it can be a bit daunting! You have truly helped me over the last few months and I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful words. I wish you all the best and I am sure we will be in touch again in the future!

Cecilia, U.S.A

I appreciate your compassionate and honest words that made me rethink my actions and decision to create the happy result that I wanted. I felt something inside me freed after reading Niki’s advice.

Love and light,
Utaka, U.S.A

I just wanted to thank you for your reading. Your reading has hepled me to realize that he will always be there for me and we will always be friends, but that our love is never going to be on the plane that i want it to be on. I appreciate the fact that you did not just tell me things i wanted to here, so that i can now focus on keeping a strong and lasting friendship with him, rather than potentially losing it. Thank you for your reading.

Lisa U.S.A

I am so impressed with your accuracy and talent. God Bless You. I didn’t tell you much in my question and you exactly got it right. I love you Niki,

keep up your good work and say hi to your spirit for me. God Bless YOU.


I just had a reading done. I did not ask any questions so there could not have been any way that Niki could have known. She was right on in her reading.

Sissy, U.S.A.

Thank you for your insight in the reading you did for me. I really do appreciate it and feel that it is accurate and true.

Kim, U.S.A.

Thankyou for your two readings, I was very sceptical with the first and a bit with the second but amazingly your reading was absolutely right!

With light and love,
Janice, Australia

I have truly been stuck, this reading has not only answered my questions, but also provided reasons to help me move on. A simple yes or no answer is never enough, your reply was indeed insightful and I feel completely comfortable accepting your answers. You have given me more help with my questions than anyone ever has been able to provide. Thank you, I am now free to move on. What a blessing!

CW, Alberta, Canada

WOW, genuine thoughts and feelings, not with stereotypical sounding psychic verbage! And so on target about what is going on. Gentle and thoughtful. I am so grateful and excited about what I will learn about myself and therefore grow from our continued exchanges. I have been seeking a spiritual teacher!

Susana, U.S.A.