Your Compass Psychic Reading

It has been a kaleidoscope of imbalance and change since the turn of the new year with situations unfolding that are creating a storm before the calm. There is a great shift occurring with our world that has everything to do with clearing and cleaning as one would their own home. Our earth has entered into an ending cycle which means it is time to release and heal. You as a caretaker of this earth would feel the shifts and changes and some things would mirror your own life. Not everyone is going to have a hard time but many will as they too release their own energies, as does our earth. In the understanding of cycles, we understand how important they are, otherwise everything would perish.

You can make perfect changes at this perfect time if you are open enough to see the opportunities. You are at the perfect time now to clear the burdens and stress so that you can allow deeper love and heal your life. You can expect a sense of well being and a renewed energy to move ahead in your career and your life in general at this time.

In Your Compass Psychic Reading I will specifically look at the deeper spiritual blocks and share them with you. Having an awareness of this will make a difference in itself.

Next I will share some simple things for you to understand so that you can start to truly move forward in a more balanced aware energy.

Thirdly I will share through a time line regarding love opportunities, career opportunities and well being. We have begun the year in a very big fashion with many things already unfolding and this reading will be your compass and safe place for your now and your future.

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