Do You Know the Rules for Being Human?

Dear Friend, The rules for being human are really quite simple when you break it down. Cherie Carter-Scott has compiled the ‘Ten Rules for Being Human’ and within these rules are lessons for us all. Ten Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott You will receive a body. You may like it or hat it, […]

Are You Living in the Moment?

Dear Friend, All of us suffer each and every day from some kind of stress that prevents us from living in and enjoying the moment. Worry, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, anger, frustration, procrastination, loneliness. The feelings of wishing things were different/better, fear of failure, not knowing how to fix things, uncertain about our choices and the […]

Are you Dealing with Cheating Guilt?

Dear Friend, If you have cheated on your partner then chances are you are dealing with a substantial amount of guilt. Taking some proactive steps to deal with how you are feeling is the only possible way to move your life past it. Guilt is a nasty feeling that, left unattended, will eat away at […]

Are You Disconnected from Connecting?

Dear Friend, In today’s ever ‘on’ world, it seems that we are all connected 24/7 – mobile/cell phones, wi-fi, the Internet, email, apps, social media – but it can actually leave some of us feeling more disconnected than ever before. Is this you friend? Because of the anonymous nature of many of today’s interactions it […]