Mediumship Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know how your contact with my mom Rosa made me feel. You gave me so much comfort and support during my hours of need. Although I am still grieving, you gave me confidence knowing that my mom is okay on the other side, and how much she loved me and my family. You were so right on with everything you said and later other things that you talked about made sense to me as I absorbed and read over my notes. Even though I wish I could do things over again with her and tell the way I feel, you made me realize that she already knew these things and with this knowledge, I know I can help my children and brothers and grandmother get through this. You will never know how much you did for me… I hope I can call you again sometime, if needed, when I need a little help with things. I will always remember how special you made me feel. I love my mother and I know how much she loves me always.

Lisa, U.S.A.

Dear Niki: Thank you so much for my mediumship reading. I gave you a very generalized question and your answer contained specific information that could have only been given to you directly by my loved ones who have passed over. Your abilities are astonishing. I am glad I choose to consult with you, it really helped me.

Richard, U.S.A.

Hi Niki thankyou for the reading it was very accurate. Im glad my mom is ok on the other side.

Love Bruce

Your mediumship reading for me was incredible. I should have told you that right away. I know in my profession, when I do a good job, it’s nice to hear a client say so. So, Niki, Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you probably never knew how “right on” you were with my reading.

Karen, U.S.A.

After going to a medium with high expectations and leaving very disappointed, I came here without expectations. I was only hoping I wouldn’t waste any more money. My reading gave me such joy. I am a believer in the spirit world and even if no one came through tonight, I would still be. Instead of any disappointments, I was touched by family in the spirit world calling me by my NIC-name and listening to me call me children “Pumpkin.” So much of it came together right after my reading. I describe my Mom as “silly” to all of my children. Wouldn’t you know that right after saying my mom’s name, Nicky said she felt silly. I will pray and thank God for Niki’s gift and the joy it has brought me. There were so many other validations I cannot even list them here.

God Bless,
Debbie, U.S.A

Thank you for everything – I’ve been reading over and over my email mediumship consultation, and things are very clear, things that only our family would know. It was wonderful to hear these things, and I can’t thank you enough!! Looking forward to visiting with you again soon!!

With love,
Connie P. from New Mexico

Your reading was amazing in its accuracy and references to things that meant a great deal to me. I am comforted by the reading and thank you for your service.

Renee, U.S.A