Mediumship Testimonials

I had a phone mediumship reading with you. Though I never write testimonials for anyone or anything, I thought it was necessary to write one for you. Your reading was so insightful and heads-on accurate. It was comforting to hear the messages that were coming across and to know that my loved ones are still all around me. I thank you so much for sharing this gift with those of us who don’t have it. Thank you for everything!

Lina, USA

You Truly have touched my heart..Your reading was truly intense. I must admit I was very, very skeptical., I heard about people doing stuff like this. Like the Crossing Over Show., you truly are amazing, and are just like the guy who does that show., so very accurate with not to much information to give. As soon, as I read the reading you gave me from my father.., I immediately after the 2nd sentence, burst into tears..It was truly one of the most emotional things that have ever happened in my life. I thank you so much, for giving me a sense of peace that I’ve needed. I know that you a truly blessed with a gift from God. I hope that more people who need a sense of peace or an ease of pain will come to you with out skepticsm. Because, you truly are the real deal. Thank You So Much for making a difference in my life.

Amber Thompson, U.S.A

I just had a mediumship reading done by Niki and it was wonderful!! She validated things no one else could possibly have known about my deceased family. I will definelty hire her again for readings.

Jennifer, USA

Thank you so very much for the reading you have done for me. I have read it over and over and each time I do, I get the same sensation that mom is watching me and that she is well. The messages were really heart warming and have given me the comfort I needed regarding mom. I also wanted to say thank you for replying to my emails when you didn’t have to. You are a very caring person Niki, thank you. Kindest regards and thank you again.

Didier Neujean, USA

Dear Nikki I thank you so much for your accurate reading, it is truely comforting to know that my dad is in a wonderful safe place. Your reading was very accurate. I thank you once again, you have a truly wonderful gift.

Best Regards
Michelle, USA

Thanks for this, I will treasure it forever. I reviewed your reading a few times and it was very comforting. It means a alot to me and I miss him and I love him very much.

Jim, USA

Thank you – there were things in your reading that were incredible, that really meant something to me and poved that my Mom’s around and “listening” to what’s going on. It is very helpful to me. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me. Blessings to you.

Elizabeth USA

Wow Niki…your reading is totally amazing. KENT’S BEEN RIGHT HERE WITH ME! Thank you so much.

Blessings and Peace,

I truly hope it’s okay that I write. Maybe you get tired of everyone writing in amazement! 🙂 I don’t mean to bother you, but I have to tell you how much my reading at the on-line show meant to me. Until 6 months ago, my belief in eternal life was strong. Then, when I lost someone who I feel was (and is) truly a part of me, my faith in what I had always known wavered, and I was so afraid that there was no purpose to anything. If my Steve (and I don’t mind using his name because you already gave it to me in the very first on-line show I attended) could die, what could possibly be the point of anything. I don’t feel that way anymore (99% of the time) which is why I feel okay saying that now. The readings I’ve had from you have been comforting, but even then for a while I would try to explain away everything as coincidence. That makes me laugh now. I’ve had so much happen – so much communication from him – amazing things. And these things along with my readings have let me know that my Steve is still here. In this last reading, you did something I never dreamed imaginable. You not only gave new specific facts to confirm his identity, but you brought up things that are happening in my life now and things that I have specifically talked to him about. Another thing I noticed (in this last reading and one before), you have used the same words Steve used in one of the recordings I have of him. Some could count this as coincidence, too, but these are not every day words or phrases – “par for the course” – “fanfare.” Also, I had JUST talked to Steve about what in the world would it be like if I lived another 50 years and was an old, old lady. What we he think then? And I said, “Well, I guess we’ll be just like that couple in Titanic – you’ll be young now (he’s 42) and I’ll be an old lady, but when it’s my time I’ll step off the edge of that ship into the ocean and you’ll be there waiting and I’ll be young again.” And in my last reading you said, “The Titanic. Interesting.” That’s all you said about it, but that was enough. You also mentioned that I amuse him to no end…that he loved my little habits. Niki, Steve always got such a kick out of me (I don’t mean that in a egotistical way). I usually didn’t mean to make him laugh at me, but I always loved it when he did. I told you that I feel him being amused now, and this is true. I have said, “Don’t laugh at me, Steve,” but I smile when I say it because I still love it. You also hit on a habit of mine that I knew I did but didn’t realize I was so known for – scrunching my nose. I asked a group of people after that reading if I scrunched my nose. All 12 looked at me and simultaneously said, “Yessss.” LOL Guess I’m just a skeptical person because that’s when I do it. There were many more meaningful messages in my reading, but I have to limit my writing at some point. 🙂

I had a dream that I was talking to Steve about mediums and he said to stay with you because you “got him.” I will definitely be back. (I do know, though, that he might not always come through and that’s okay.) I’m trying very much not to rely solely on my readings because I know now I have to live my life here. I’m also learning that I am able to communicate with him myself. It’s just nice to have confirmation of this every so often. I just really wanted to share these things with you and thank you for the HOPE you provide. God bless you, Niki.

Love, Julie

I was so so impress with my first reading with you, and that is why I had the 2nd *mediumship reading* — My mother and I were totally euphoric as the 2 main people we were hoping would come through did — Thanks so much!

Marguerite, Canada